Green Agriculture & Environment (Bigwa Farm) invests in Groasis . The world has several challenges that we’ll have to solve in the 21st century. The problems that we face are connected and integrated. Therefore, we believe it necessary to focus on an integrated solution for the challenges that mankind faces nowadays. They are but not limited to: erosion, deforestation, desertification, poverty, food crisis, unemployment; child labour, rural-urban migration, climate change and water scarcity. In order to solve these challenges, mankind needs the solutions of thousands and the hard work of millions to implement them. There is not one solution for all these problems, on the contrary, we need an integrated approach of all the available solutions in order to solve the challenges. So, we need solutions for energy, against diseases, to produce more food, to create jobs, and so on. Founded in 2003, Groasis focus is on a small part of the spectrum of solutions that can help alleviate the ch
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